31 Oct 2018

Why You Must Start With Market Research

Why You Must Start with Market Research

Ours is a culture that wants instant results. We’ve been conditioned to expect more reward with less work. The good news is, you can get more reward with less work. The bad news is, you have to start with market research.

I can hear the collective groans.

Trust us. When you put in the work on market research, most importantly you will save yourself much more time, money, and work in the long run. Not to mention the rewards you’ll see in the form of profitability and customer satisfaction because of that extra step.

Market Research by Marketing X-Rays | MARKET|REWhat market research does:

When you ask the right questions, you can learn the following information:

  • Know who your customers are
  • Check what they buy
  • Find out what motivates them to buy
  • Figure out what will motivate them to buy from you

Just think about it. If you had the answers to these questions, what couldn’t you do? You could rule the world! Okay, maybe not quite, but probably you could streamline all of your marketing strategies from now until the end of time without all of the fear and doubt and throwing things at a wall just to see if they stick. Of all the things you can save by performing market research, the most important is your sanity. But it will also benefit you in these ways:

It will save you time.

Market research helps you focus your marketing campaigns. When you get it right the first time, you won’t have to guess at what works and continually adjust your marketing strategies.

It will save you money.

Marketing and advertising cost money. So does market research, but when you invest in this step, you’ll find that the rest of your marketing budget can be stretched a lot farther.

It will drive results.

Performing the essential market research step will furthermore ensure that your efforts have the maximum impact. Customers will appreciate this and their loyalties to your brand will be stronger because of it.

Market Research by Marketing X-Rays | MARKET|RE

When you look at it this way, the research is actually pretty fun. It’s like solving a puzzle or chasing down clues to unveil a mystery. It’s natural to be intimidated by the process. After all, the biggest challenge in business is understanding your customers. But it can also be hugely rewarding.

That’s why it’s important to find the right market research strategy for you. At Marketing X-Rays, we’re proud purveyors of the MINERVA market research method. MINERVA is an in-depth and interactive system that involves interacting with focus groups and gaining comprehensive insight to help our clients get inside the minds of their customers.

What’s your market research strategy?

Let us help you create the right marketing solutions for your business! Contact us today!

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