09 Nov 2018

Green Working and Marketing in 11 Easy Steps

I’m from Europe, where the green mindset has roots. The Paris Summit meeting pinpointed the start of the EU’s environmental policy and generated the environmental action program we follow today. I grew up surrounded by environmentalist concepts and became adept at melding these influences into the home and workplace. Big ideas can be simple and practical.

Consider the benefits: Going green can help the environment, boost employee morale, unify your team and give a marketing boost to your brand. Let’s look at how it can be done…

#1 Communicate cleaner. Choose e-mail as your preferred method of communication and put a note in the signature line that says, “Please consider the environment before printing.” If you must print, switch to double-sided printing. Save a tree!


#2 Okay, I know it’s unavoidable to generate some paper waste, but you can get clever about what you do with it. Purchase recycling bins for $6-$7 at Office Depot and placing them at every desk. Encourage employees to use the blank sides of used papers for notes, or make a notepad out of them. Get creative!


#3 Go green, then go greenery. Improve your air quality and add some peaceful ambiance with indoor plants. Find your ideal leafy companions.


#4 Go paperless. It takes a lot of paper, ink, and power, not to mention mailing costs, to produce paper statements. It’s safer and greener to switch to e-statements. Receive e-mail alerts when statements are available, then view and save them online. Learn more about paper reduction.


#5 Use natural lights. Even if you don’t have a window on every wall, you can use compact fluorescent bulbs or LED lighting to decrease power consumption and soften the atmosphere in your office. The lighting industry is taking the lead on this one.


#6 Set up a collection. What better way to stir up positive marketing mojo than to set a bin out and advertise that you are collecting used batteries? Improve the environment and your business!


#7 Get involved. Participate in community-wide, volunteer-based cleanups or other events. Share your involvement on social media to spread the word and make your employees proud.


#8 Party green without spending the green. Yes, it’s comfortable to go with plastic cups, utensils, paper plates, and decorations for your office events. Next time a birthday rolls around, try an outdoor picnic that serves finger foods or use compostable serving products. Celebrate naturally!


#9 Market electronically. Reach your customers through their smart phones and social media. Take your periodicals and newsletters online. If you must print, reduce your paper size and advertise with augmented reality. It’s a great way to expand the impact of your content without the waste. Check out LARA Augmented Reality’s Solutions and contact us!


#10 Limit air conditioning. We are in Florida, I know! But a little focus goes a long way. Remember to turn down the air conditioning every time you leave the office. It’s cool to be green.


#11 Be a paper towel protector. For your last bit of inspiration, check out Joe Smith’s TED Talk about the most effective use of a single paper towel. Then go out there and find your own way to own the green!

Piros Pazaurek Creative brandologist

Marketing X-Rays

Evolve Magazine- Daytona Beach

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