09 Nov 2018

Marketing X-Rays Presents Hipster 2017 Bike Week: Our take on the “World’s Largest Motorcycle Event” in Volusia County

Things are revving up here at Marketing X-Rays! We were thrilled to recently be among the candidates selected to create the logo for Daytona Beach’s own Bike Week. If you’re not already aware of it, this annual event is huge in Volusia County. In fact, it’s called the “World’s Largest Motorcycle Event.” The winning design from this selection process would become the official logo of the 2017 Bike Week.

Our excitement mounted as we clarified our concept and began rolling out the logo designs for distribution in Bike Weeks national print advertising campaign. While our designs weren’t selected this time around, it was a great opportunity for Marketing X-Rays to design some logo concepts that we’re so proud of! Check out our designs below.

By clicking on the “Bike Week 2017” image above you’ll see from our four unique design samples that we went with a hipster vibe in both the visual and schematic elements of these logos. This speaks to the Daytona Beach culture and was designed to give a modern kick to a classic event. It was great fun to work with LARA — the augmented reality system used by Marketing X-Rays — to display 3D imaging of our Bike Week branded products. Thanks to augmented reality, we were able to have an actual motorcycle, emblazoned with our Bike Week logo design, show up to our pitch! We also offered a wide variety of fresh color schemes to create a bold statement.

Along with logo design, we produced a high quality video that carried on our theme and showed how well our logo would stand out on a variety of promotional items including bike helmets and T-shirts.

We’re excited to put these great concept designs out there for our community to respond to. Tell us what you think of them!

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