31 Oct 2018

The Reality Evolution- Marketing with Virtual and Augmented Reality

Our reality before smart phones and tablets was very different from our reality today. Technology has reinvented how we interact with the world around us and it continues to do so in new and surprising ways. The good news is that two of these mind-blowing tech innovations – augmented reality and virtual reality – have creative and practical uses in day-to-day business and marketing. 

Augmented Reality

If you’re a bit behind on tech trends and feel like you’re living in the late cretaceous period, you could actually be. Imagine bringing dinosaurs to life and supplanting them into your reality. Augmented really can do just that. Augmented reality is all about blending the digital visual world with the real world. Imagine your clients using a smart phone or tablet to interact with your company’s print brochure, experiencing live 3D models of your products, and hearing an audio recording that gives them a sense of your company’s voice and message. Yep, augmented reality can add a whole new dimension to your marketing campaigns.

Augmented reality involves the use of a smart phone or tablet and an augmented reality app. One of the leading AR apps is LARA. With this app, the user simply points the device’s camera at a LARA-integrated object and watches as a new version of reality emerges on the screen. The possibilities for using this app are unlimited. Print materials, videos, and landing pages can all be adapted to offer additional content via the LARA app.

Want to give it a try? I mentioned earlier that you could actually be living in the age of dinosaurs. By downloading the LARA app for free and using it to view the picture below, you will find that dinosaurs can, in fact, live among us. You don’t need to live in the past. We can all evolve together. Welcome to the new age!

Augmented reality can not only change the way you see the world around you, but change the way customers view your company and your products. For a reasonable monthly rate, you can have the power to augment reality at your fingertips. Consider these practical uses for AR:

  •                  Marketing campaigns (print flyers, brochures, catalogs)
  •                  Exhibitions and events (live interaction and photographic opportunities)
  •                  Educational and training materials and classes
  •                  Smart, interactive packaging
  •                  Instructional materials (assembly instructions, new product schematics
  •                 Promotional events (hidden surprises and discounts)

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality both change the way we tell stories and interact with the world around us. Virtual reality is an immersive experience of an alternate reality. Using it for business allows you to enclose your customers in a fully-realized, firsthand experience with your company, from anywhere on the planet. Imagine being able to broadcast events or showrooms to virtually anyone, allowing them to interact with people and products as if they were there, in person. Virtual reality can extend the reach of your brand exponentially. This form of communication is direct and powerful, allowing you to deliver your brand and products directly into the lap of customers. If experience with your brand is what creates loyal customers, why not offer them experiences that will knock their socks off? VR can deliver the following benefits directly to your customers:
  •                  Educational opportunities (virtual classrooms, interactive instructions)
  •                  Event broadcasting (attend events and experiences anytime, anywhere)
  •                  Entertainment (games, performances, apps)
  •                  Product interaction (virtual showrooms, firsthand experience of products)
VR and AR technologies offer a unique blend of playfulness and functionality. Combine this with highly adaptable, multiple applications and you have an extremely powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. While these techy tools have commercial use, they are also accessible to anyone. Marketing is all about targeted information and dynamic communication. It’s time to break out of the mold and expand our reality. Need even more incentive? These new forms of communication are a great way to go green.

Augmented Reality Makes this Article Come Alive

Bring these picture to life with augmented reality! Just follow these steps:
1. Download the free LARA App (search “laraapp”) on your mobile device from the Apple Store, Google Play or www.laraapp.com.
2. Point your smart phone or tablet to any image in this article:
3. Enjoy the LARA experience!
It is easy to see how an augmented reality app like LARA can be used as a marketing tool to make any print media, exhibition, or show more spectacular.

Piros Pazaurek Creative brandologist

Marketing X-Rays

Evolve Magazine- Daytona Beach

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