31 Oct 2018

Innovative Marketing


Spend your time thinking this Fall. We’ve got some great new ways to turn problems into solutions.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have an exciting month ahead of us! With fall weather and shorter days setting in, we are trying to keep things lively at Marketing X-Rays. The way we do that here is through innovative marketing methods!

We’ve got a brand-new research method called MINERVA that has been working wonders for our clients. It’s a great, innovative process that allows us to really get inside the minds of customers and shine a light on their motivations. It may seem like mind reading, but it’s really science. Shh…don’t tell!

This month, you can learn more about MINERVA as well as other fun and exciting new innovative marketing methods here at Marketing X-Rays. So, as the days cool and the holidays approach, grab a cup of hot cocoa and take a look at what you’ll be reading and learning about this month in our blog:

Innovative Marketing by Marketing X-Rays | Digital Marketing Agency in Florida


We’ll be sharing an informative article on how to use modern AR and VR technology in medical education.



We already mentioned MINERVA, but what really sets this method apart from traditional market research? This is an often-overlooked aspect of marketing and we’d like to take a deeper look at modern innovative in marketing research.



Talk about innovation! AR and VR are the future and they’re already here! This month, you’ll learn about VR and its uses in the tourism industry. We can only begin to consider VR’s marketing potential when it comes to travel.


As we set a course into the fall and winter months, let’s consider the many ways that innovation can help see us through. Here are 5 things you can practice this season to make your business has a more innovative marketing:


  1. Originality is often copied.

    Don’t be afraid to take your ideas from other businesses or even other industries. Mold and shape them to solve a unique problem in your own business. If there really are no more original ideas, then we should all be looking for inspiration everywhere around us.

  2. Ask those in the know.

    Your customers often know more about your products than you do. Go directly to the source and get feedback about what works and what doesn’t. How can you improve your products based on this insight?

  3. Fail freely.

    With innovation, it’s all about trial and error. Never be afraid of the idea that seems extreme or impossible. Always look at things from multiple angles and, more importantly, encourage your employees to do the same. Set them up for success by making it okay to fail.

  4. Know your business.

    The more times you spend on the frontlines, the better. When you know your business and your products intimately, you are more likely to see the problems that exist and to be able to brainstorm solutions.

  5. Do nothing.

    Some of the greatest innovators have spent a lot of time doing exactly this. Mind power is king. Put your mind to the task of solving complex problems and you just might be pleasantly surprised what you turn out.

Innovative Marketing by Marketing X-Rays | Digital Marketing Agency in Florida

If that’s not enough to get you motivated, then may we suggest trading out that cup of cocoa for a cup of joe? We love to talk innovation, so we look forward to hearing your thoughts. What innovations have you been most proud of? Comment in the bottom section below or send us a message on our Facebook page!

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