Case Study

of the ODD-O-TS' Project

Project Brief

Odd-O-Ts’ Entertainment of Orlando came to us with a unique challenge: to refresh the brand identity of their umbrella company as well as its subsidiary brands. In this case, we had to create a plan and a design that would represent four diverse theater companies. Our logo design would have to be simple, yet powerful enough to convey an overarching message. We met this challenge head-on, condensing our research and boiling down the company’s vision and mission into the few key elements we wanted to portray. From here, we built an entirely new brand identity with room for interpretation and growth. Read on to find out more about this targeted sub-branding solution.

Original logos

Consolidating Brands

Odd-O-Ts’ Entertainment is the parent company of four diverse theater companies. They have served the likes of Sea World and Busch Gardens right here in the Orlando area. Our job was to find the best way to unite the Odd-O-Ts’ theater companies under one umbrella. Building upon trends in the Orlando area, we set out to maximize the impact of brand identification by unifying the various Odd-O-Ts’ brands with a fresh, colorful logo that encapsulated Odd-O-Ts’ playful personality. Our full marketing redesign included logo design and website redesign and optimization.

Personal Flair

The complexity of this project required us to really get to know the client and their vision. The Odd-O-Ts’ Entertainment family is fun and professional, so a successful brand identity would have to convey this. The logos we designed were altered slightly to represent each unique Odd-O-Ts’ brand. The effect was one of individual brand distinction with overall unity. In order to further clarify the brand, we created SEO optimized content that expressed the unique mission of each Odd-O-Ts’ company while focusing on value-based similarities. A freshly designed and fully optimized website was the last step in syncing the Odd-O-Ts’ brands and delivering them to the widest target audience possible.

Room for Growth Potential

One of the challenges in rebranding an umbrella company is creating a brand identity that retains uniqueness while still offering adaptability. The Odd-O-Ts’ logo that was ultimately selected is an example of this concept at work. It applies mutually to the various Odd-O-Ts’ brands by encapsulating a few key elements that represent the umbrella company and its subsidiaries. Additionally, all designs, content, and platforms were designed to be used across a full range of print and marketing materials, and to offer consistency and uniformity across multiple online platforms. With this simple arsenal of targeted branding materials, Odd-O-Ts’ now has limitless marketing options.

Project Planning
Umbrella Branding
Graphic Design
Website development


Logo Brief

Logo Design

Logo Options

Conceptual Design Samples

Our design

Winner (Option #1): The sense of movement in this logo gives it an added dimension of expression and meaning. The vivid colors and simplicity of design lend it a modern, fresh feel. The use of four colors and circles is indicative of the four unique brands, while the circles themselves are representative of engaging and lively entertainment – a key component of the Odd-O-Ts’ Entertainment vision.

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