Skills: Logo Design

22 Dec 2018

V/ARia logo

V/ARia Technology’s team is backed by more than 70 successful AR / VR projects, is among the most experienced AR / VR marketing and sales teams in Hungary today. Their forward-looking way of thinking guarantees that they brainstorm along the most innovative ideas and available technologies. This way, they can provide long-lasting and value-added projects. […]

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03 Oct 2017

Advanced Dental of Holmdel Graphic Design

Advanced Dental of Holmdel’s office caters to professionals and young adults who know the importance of good dentistry. Their caring staff is committed to providing only the most current and effective dentistry methods in a modern, well-appointed office. It was important to us, to be able to share that vision through branding and web development.

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01 Oct 2017

Daytona Swimming Graphic Design

The Daytona Beach SPEED has been serving Volusia and Flagler counties for over 20 years. Under the guidance of head coach Steve Lochte, Daytona Beach SPEED offers training for competitive swimming instruction for all ages. We were very excited to revamp their branding.

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10 Oct 2016

G&G Quality Home Graphic Design

G&G Quality Home asked us the create their brand. They own a business and they’ve been successful for years, but they realized soon, that all they were missing, is a strong brand design and a great website, where they can show, how fantastic their work is.

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09 Oct 2016

Abaculus Branding

Abaculus is a team of compassionate professionals with enthusiasm for decoding human behaviors and understanding marketing on a personal level. They are a premier market research company, where they use their proprietary, specialized MINERVA process and technology to revolutionize your marketing strategies and communications. We were more than happy to help them creating a new […]

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05 Oct 2016

South Beach Room Escape Branding

South Beach Room Escape is located on a rooftop in Miami and promises to be a fun and challenging trend for people living and visiting this area. Our project started with creating the Lock Logo that represents the business purpose. The trendiest color schemes used includes a fantastic blue representing its location close to the […]

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04 Oct 2016

Odd-o-Ts’ Entertainment Rebranding

The Odd-o-Ts’ Entertainment family is a forerunner in the live entertainment industry. Through artistry and innovation, we strive to bring engaging shows, entertainment resources and coordination to theme parks, performing arts centers, and special events. With whimsy, originality and humor, our shows appeal to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. A diverse performance experience They […]

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01 Oct 2016 Brand

Brand Building for this new startup company was EXCITING! Welcome new tagline creation! It’s a perfect fit! #PUREPUPPYNESS This interactive site is impressive and represents everything you would need to know about your next best friend. The graphics used are of the highest quality just like the puppies at New Doggy. Also, plenty of space […]

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08 Oct 2015

Metisz Language School re-branding

Metisz Language School is a very popular business in Hungary for almost 15 years. They asked us to re-brand their identity which is fresh and focusing on more their small group teaching method. We developed the new tagline too.

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