Case Study

of the REVIVE FITNESS Project

Project Brief

Revive Fitness, located in Ormond Beach, came to us with an urgent yet broad need: a new brand identity for their company. In situations like this, our job is to narrow the focus and come up with an actionable plan to achieve results. We generated a complete rebranding agenda and executed each step of the design and implementation, giving Revive Fitness several options that were specific to their mission and market.

Original logo

Final logo

Skills needed

Project Planning
Graphic Design
Website development

Total Rebrand

When Revive Fitness came to us requesting a marketing makeover, we were more than happy to oblige. Freshening up a stale brand can breathe new life into a company. With our task set before us, we got to work implementing a comprehensive redesign and marketing plan for this Ormond Beach company. Our logo concepts were applied to a full range of print and online marketing materials. We created a fresh tagline (REthink. REcharge. REvive.), and keyword-optimized content for Revive’s professionally branded website. We also carried their new logo and brand identity over to crisp, eye-catching print brochures and leaflets.

Personal Touches

Every rebrand requires us to get to know the company we’re working with. For Revive Fitness, every effort was made to understand the people and philosophies behind the business. In this way, we ensured that every stylistic and message-driven choice we made was deliberate and focused. The intentions of Revive Fitness were to rebrand their gym as an upscale fitness studio, focusing on personal training and nutrition. We incorporated this vision into each design concept we created. Our personal, customized attention to this makeover included a 2-hour photo session and Facebook consultation and management as well as the suggestion of a new domain name. The key to success is in the details.

Maximized Potential

Sometimes, only a complete change will do. Revive Fitness was in need of an up-to-date social media presence to boost their new marketing initiatives. We updated their social media profile pictures and assisted them in achieving consistency across multiple online platforms. The new logo was adapted to an e-mail signature as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram headers. A website with a professional look and responsive design ensured that this Volusia County business will reach all of its intended market. SEO optimized content, calls to action, and insightful photos further enhanced the effect.


1. Logo Brief

  • The new logo concept needed to be fresh, trendy, and professional.
  • We recolored the logo to fit the brand. We selected blue because it represents dependability and security, a key aspect of Revive’s new, professional brand identity.
  • In working with a figure, we sought to modernize the shape for a clean silhouette
  • We opted for original, fresh fonts.
  • The barbell became a key component of the design and we creatively retooled the design to incorporate it into the company name.
  • The finished designs were tailored for easy visibility in print and readability across online platforms.

Logo Options

  • Option #1: Barbell framing the company name
  • Option #2: Figure within the company name, with color variations
  • Option #3: Back-to-back curves representative of barbells or the human figure, with color variations
  • Option #4: Square “RE” design with barbell.

Winner (Option #4): With clean lines, this logo echoes the tagline with the reiteration of the “RE” in Revive. Modern and sleek, the tilt of the logo and the shadow beneath indicate balance and professional poise.

2. Tagline Brief

  • The tagline needed to express Revive’s new goals, which were to be recognized as a fitness and health studio rather than a club or gym.
  • We needed to create a tagline that would reach the target audience, while containing a simple call to action.
  • We came up with a combination of unique, short words that express the importance of community and action.
  • The final tagline includes words that are powerful when standing alone, but also send a strong message when taken as a whole.

Tagline Options

  • Option #1: Fit. Healthy. Happy.
  • Option #2: Personal Coaching Solutions
  • Option #3: Your NetWorkOut
  • Option #4: On Your Personal Level
  • Option #5: REvise. REthink. REboot.
Winner (Option #5): The general concept was an instant favorite. It is recognizable, resonant and successfully conveys the branding we were going for. With a few minor adjustments to the word choices, we finally arrived at REthink. REcharge. REvive.

3. Website Redesign

  • Revive Fitness was in need of a website with a responsive design that could be viewable from multiple devices.
  • It was essential that the visuals and content on the website convey the company’s new brand identity.
  • With eye-catching colors and bold lines, the website is simple yet comprehensive.
  • Visual elements, including photographs taken during our photo session, highlight those aspects of the company that will resonate with their target audience.

Conceptual Design Samples

Website Redesign

Original Facebook page

Our design

Facebook Redesign

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