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Marketing X-Rays is a comprehensive digital marketing agency. Working with us comes with a lot of benefits, those make your work easier than ever. Our services is worth way more than its price, you will never feel disappointed once you let us help you with your branding and marketing needs.



Piros /Pi-ROSH/

Creative Brandologist & Founder of Marketing X-Rays

  • Personal Flair

Marketing X-Rays was founded by Piros Pazaurek, an international marketing expert and creative brandologist. Piros takes pride in offering creativity and innovation along with a good dose of quirky, outgoing personality. We are a Florida-based business serving Florida and beyond.

Marketing X-Rays began when Piros relocated to the United States from Hungary in 2011 because of her husband’s job. She brought with her a wealth of marketing experience that has helped both start-up and established businesses develop cutting-edge marketing strategies and engaging brands. Piros offers insightful, results-driven marketing solutions with characteristic charm and style.

  • Diverse Experience

With over 15 years in the international marketing industry, Piros has gained marketing experience in a variety of industries, including national student organizing, branding national festivals and sports events, and helping over 40 companies create solid branding and innovative marketing strategies for their business.

Piros nurtures a deep community involvement and has served as ambassador to the Daytona Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce, board member of the Early Learning Coalition of Flagler & Volusia Counties, and is a member of the Rotary Club in Daytona Beach. She has also published numerous articles to EVOLVE Business and Professional Magazine and is a member of the Editorial Advisory Committee.


Project Managerologist

Superpowers: Ingenuity and Photographic Memory

Barbara just moved to Manhattan, New York, but previously she was a resident of Florida where her family owns and operates a local artisan European bakery. Barbi began her marketing career by handling the marketing and social media for the family business before transitioning to handling project management duties for Marketing X-Rays, where she is firmly committed to learning the industry and leading each project with optimism, honesty and creativity.

A self-proclaimed city girl, Barbi enjoys a busy, vibrant lifestyle and likes to spend her free time on cultural pursuits, including going to museums and the theater, and pursuing photography. She is a huge animal-rights supporter and a total food junkie who loves to cook, eat out, and partake of all things culinary.


Graphic Designerologist

Superpowers: Precision Design and Super Speed

Gabor studied engineering in Budapest, where he grew up in the home of his grandparents. Today, he still lives in Hungary, in a beautiful small town, with his family and their Golden Retriever, Cuki. Gabor has been in marketing for over twenty years and has worked with Piros for ten of those. He is proud of having created the designs that give Marketing X-Rays and so many other clients their signature look.

Outside of working hours, Gabor is never one to sit at home. He enjoys working in his garden, hunting, and relaxing with a good beer among a group of friends. In his down time, you’ll typically find Gabor reading anything by Jo Nesbo.



Superpowers: Marketing Expertise and Empathy

After growing up in Ohio, JC moved to Florida for warmer weather. Soon after, she found herself working for Disney. During her time with them, she was a character performer at the Magic Kingdom, a marketer working with major participating corporations like Nestle and Mattel, and eventually worked with the creative artists in the feature animation department. As a cancer survivor, JC then chose to live her dream and opened her own restaurant, which she ran for six years before opting to be a full-time mom to her daughter.

JC would call motherhood her most rewarding job to date, but she is excited about returning to a career in marketing with Marketing X-Rays. JC’s perfect day would be spent in Playa del Carmen enjoying good Mexican food and a margarita while listening to music.


Website Designerologist

Superpowers: Laser precision and focus

Gabe is a professional WordPress developer and WooCommerce expert who has a burning desire to make awesome websites. We consider ourselves fortunate that Gabe chose to give up his early dream of being on TEK (the Hungarian SWAT team) to indulge his passion for web design. He has made brilliant websites for everything from breweries to chocolate manufacturers, and infuses every project with characteristic persistence and high-energy.

As if he wasn’t enough of a go-getter at work, Gabe is also a black belt in Karate and Aikido. He likes to spend his free time playing guitar and living in the flow because the best place to be, according to Gabe, is right here, right now.


Digital Marketerologist

Superpowers: Strategic Media Moxie and Fearlessness

With a diverse background in digital communications strategy, freelance writing, and personal branding, Virag brings a wide breadth of experience to every new project. A media maven, Virag’s work has been published in English and Hungarian, in both print and digital publications. She is passionate about building projects from the ground up and is the founder of Almost Jewish, a movement that aims to change the stereotypes about Israel and the Jewish people one day at a time. Having studied creative writing and journalism at NYU, Virag is currently a Judaism graduate student at Touro College in Manhattan.

A former ballerina, Virag likes to relax these days by writing. She attended the Hungarian Dance Academy and has since lived in Switzerland, England, Belgium, and the US. She still has sixty pairs of point shoes standing by in case she ever decides to return to ballet.



Superpowers: Content Writing and Clairvoyance

Nanda is a content writer and copywriter living in the Pacific Northwest. After a lifelong love of writing fiction and poetry, publishing short stories, and developing novels, she got her start in writing for entrepreneurs and businesses while she was at home raising three kids. Since then, she’s been passionate about learning new skills and being hands-on in all aspects of writing and marketing. As part of the Marketing X-Rays team, she adapts the voice of every client to meet their diverse marketing goals.

Originally from California, Nanda loves spending time near the water and currently enjoys life on a peaceful island in Puget Sound with her family and two mischievous dogs. Her idea of relaxation is being anywhere on vacation and soaking up different cultures and histories by
exploring local haunts.


Online Marketerologist

Superpowers: Awesome Analytics and Magnetism

Judit has been in the online marketing industry for eleven years, which has included agency, client, and freelance experience. This is a useful combination that primes her for working effectively with colleagues and clients alike. Judit is AdWords and Analytics certified and has worked with hundreds of AdWords campaigns and web analytics implementations. She also has extensive experience with SEO and website optimization.

Judit is fascinated with data mining and reporting, and she’s known to get excited over colorful reports and clean, simple outputs. Offline, her hobbies include biking, hiking, photography, and reading.


Website Designerologist

Superpowers: Artistic Vision and Super Listening

Andi hails from Brazil, where she has worked with diverse clients to express new and engaging ideas. Andi believes in the power of first impressions but says it’s never too late to create a lasting impression. She’s got a global mindset and over 5 years of experience creating customized photographic experiences and innovate print and digital communication solutions. Andi helps our clients find new and engaging ways to interact with their communities.

Andi is a romantic at heart who loves being outdoors. Her meditative practice includes yoga, paddle boarding, and enjoying nature. Having lived in Buenos Aires, Andi loves to explore the world and learn about new cultures, but it’s at home where she finds the most peace. In a life spent creating art, she considers her two kids her masterpiece.


Superpowers: Time control and precision vision

Bogdan “Grig” Zah was born in the small town of Salsig, Romania, and left home when he was 15. Since then, he has followed his creativity and curiosity wherever they lead and has explored the fields of economics, electrical engineering, and advertising. With hard-working ethics and a creative spirit, Bogdan missed his mark (by a few decades) of being one of the Mad Men. He likes to say that his favorite project is always the next one.

You might recognize Bogdan by the fact that he’s never seen without a wristwatch. In spite of his affinity for timekeeping – or perhaps because of it – his least favorite part of work is an urgent deadline. In his spare time, he’s a poor piano player, an average tennis player, and a dedicated Netflix binger.


Superpowers: Knowledge absorption and intuition

Bea is an attorney specializing in providing legal support for international businesses. She has over 14 years of legal experience and is bilingual in Hungarian and English. For companies doing business in America, Bea helps in the areas of compliance, labor, and property law, to name a few. Bea bases all of her partnerships with clients on knowledge and trust. And because she loves what she does, she is always a motivational and inspirational source of help for our clients.

Bea is a loyal and active listener, which means she knows how to get right to the heart of what our clients need. Currently living in London, Bea enjoys international travel and yoga. With thirteen years of legal experience, she has a tendency toward perfectionism and we’ve never known her to miss a deadline. Bea loves to laugh and spends her free time painting, reading, and sharing life with friends around the world.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

Piros’s mission with Marketing X-Rays is to help start-up and established businesses across the country to access wider markets and achieve greater results. By working with a team of well-seasoned experts in their respective fields, Marketing X-Rays offers a full complement of skills and experience to make all of your marketing efforts a success.

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